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Anger is a normal reaction to situations where we feel threatened, hurt, or wronged. It can range from mild irritation to severe fury. When we believe that someone else, such as a child or a family member, is being threatened or hurt, we could also become upset. When we are enraged, we may lose our temper and behave irrationally, violently, or aggressively.

So when does anger become problematic?

When anger is experienced too frequently, too intensely, or in an inappropriate way, it can become a problem. The body is put through tremendous physical stress when anger lasts for a long time and occurs frequently because particular parts of the neurological system are strongly stimulated. Blood pressure and heart rate therefore rise and persist at excessive levels for extended periods of time. Avoiding physical sickness is a reason for managing anger from a health perspective.

The negative effects of wrongly expressing anger are yet another compelling argument for anger management. In severe circumstances, rage can result in physical hostility or violence, both of which have a number of detrimental effects. Even if anger does not escalate to violence, it still has detrimental effects when it is inappropriately expressed. For instance, it is likely that those who subject others to angry outbursts will cause them to grow in dread, resentment, and lack of trust. This frequently draws ire from others like family members, friends, and coworkers.

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