Standard MicroLearning offers a Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course for $19.95 and a High Conflict Divorce and Coparenting Certificate Online Video Course for $49.99! Our High Conflict Co-Parenting Course and Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course assists families in understanding the process of divorce as well as equipping individuals to navigate the divorce process for themselves and their families. Both courses can be taken in conjunction together or taken as a standalone course.

Divorced and separated families all have varying levels of conflict, ranging from minimal conflict, to high levels of conflict with periods of cooperation, to periods of extreme conflict. However, some families are entrenched in constant conflict, and denigrate each conflict through their children, texts, emails, phone conversations, and physical interactions. If you have a high conflict co-parenting situation, then you’re aware of what the cost this conflict is to your nerves, your health, your time, your wallet, and on your children’s wellbeing.  Psycho-legal professionals and researches have insightfully established that high levels of conflict between parents largely impacts their children in many negative ways, including (but not limited to) poor grades and physical/psychological problems. Despite the many known detrimental consequences, it is often that at least one parent in a high conflict dynamic persists in wreaking havoc for the children and their former partner.

Depending upon your coparenting needs, we invite you to take both our Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course (Standard Divorce Course) and our High Conflict Coparenting Course.