Exercise 1



Spend 30 minutes as a couple and complete the following exercises.

1. Share something with your partner that they don’t know about you.

2. Each of you share something that you admire or find amazing about the other.

3. Commit to each other that for today you will practice moving toward each other and be open to the other’s expressions of affection and desire to communicate.

4. Explore together how the balance of power may be improved in the relationship. Do you both share equal power related to spending, children, future plans, and domestic responsibilities?

5. Use one of the techniques above to discuss an issue that has created conflict (Gottman or Markman and Stanley).

6. Together discuss a personal goal that you would like the other to help you accomplish, create a new ritual that will define you as a couple, and discuss personal values that you each have that you would like to follow as a couple. 

two women holding hands pre marriage counseling course