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Healthy Divorce Health Kids

Welcome to Healthy Divorce Healthy Kids, Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course. My name is Dr. Justin D’Arienzo. I am a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist specializing in families experiencing crisis and divorce. In addition to being a Psychologist, I am a Qualified Parenting Coordinator, a Custody Evaluator (Social Investigator), and a Certified Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator. I understand first hand how children and parents are impacted by divorce. I deal with these issues every day in my forensic and clinical practice. Most families adjust well to the significant changes that divorce brings. A minority of divorces lead to great conflict between divorced spouses and dramatically impact the children in a negative way.

I have assembled this course to help divorced or divorcing parents ensure they know how to manage themselves well during a divorce as well as to assist their children through this difficult time so they can be one of those families that eventually adjust well to divorce.

The course has been assembled in ten (10) components. Each component is a separate PowerPoint presentation video. After each presentation, there are a series of questions to ponder as well as to answer. The questions immediately following each component are provided to assist you in more effectively completing the quiz at the end of the course. The questions following each component are the same questions that will be asked of you again during the final exam. A printout of these questions is available by clicking here.

After you review all ten components and consider the questions following each component, you need to complete the final exam/quiz in order to receive a certificate for the course. Our office will be automatically notified once you complete and submit the test electronically.

It is important that you spend at least four (4) hours on the course in order to get credit for the course. That four hours includes the time it will take you to complete the final exam.

The components of the parenting course are intended for educational purposes only. The presentation of this material is not intended to constitute mental health therapy, give information on specific mental health disorders nor medications to treat mental health disorders. Participants are encouraged to discuss specific mental health  questions with a licensed mental health therapist of their choice.