Standard MicroLearning

Interpersonal competence may seem like the soft stuff, but this is really the hard stuff. Getting people to change and sustain change is the greatest challenge. Your company’s collective interpersonal competence greatly influences your business culture which directs productivity and impacts the bottom line. Develop your people and your culture, reduce turnover and litigation, and get better results with Standard MicroLearning.

What is Microlearning?

Remember the days when employees would sit through a one, two, or three day classroom training course and experience content overload or content that quickly changed? The fusion of the technology age, information age, and the need for businesses and employees to continuously upgrade their skills is what microlearning is all about. Microlearning training delivers short bursts of content for learners to study at their own pace and convenience. Content can take many forms, including videos and text, but one thing they always have in common is that they are always short. At Standard MicroLearning, we incorporate teaching methods found by cognitive psychological science to effectively deliver world-class soft skills and interpersonal trainings that will develop highly skilled performers while boosting quantifiable business results.

 Why Standard MicroLearning?

Faster Delivery for Changing Demands

With microlearning, there are several short courses available as well as courses that can be built around changing demands and changing business goals to suit your specific business or industry’s needs.


There is a wide variety of subject matter that microlearning can cover that regular e-learning courses cannot. Our courses can give a broad overview of a topic or we can create new ones for complex topics or issues you are facing.

More Engaging and More Freedom

Because Standard MicroLearning trainings feel more like checking into your favorite social media app compared to the stuffy feel of regular trainings, learners find it more engaging.

More Affordable

For businesses looking to offer a learning tool to its employees that is flexible, fun, and informative, Standard MicroLearning is affordable. Traditional classrooms or event training typically require travel for your staff, which adds up.

Take Charge

Influence Your Business Culture and with Custom Courses

We Believe in Our Products

We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our products that we will return your money if you are not satisfied. We offer a 30 day no risk guarentee.

Standard MicroLearning offers essential e-learning courses for human resources onboarding and professional development, court-orders, and marriage certificate discounts

Invest in your people, reduce your risk, and improve the bottom line

Ensure Your People Have Completed The Required Training: Certificates of Completion Included

What Does the Science Say?

Science matters to Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, a Board Clinical Certified Psychologist and founder of Standard MicroLearning. Microlearning is the most engaging training delivery method available. According to the research, when you study something repeatedly, you retain it much better, and retention is much greater when it is delivered in spurts. This research fits nicely with microlearning, since courses themselves are shorter than typical onboarding training courses, and our longer courses, yet still considered microcourses, are broken into small units or modules so you and/or your employees can return to them as much as you like.

 Standard MicroLearning Customers

We offer services to Human Resource Departments seeking interpersonal training courses for onboarding, mitigation, and professional development when creating the right culture is crucial. We also offer online courses for those with specific court orders to complete anger management and impulse control courses, or for those individuals seeking psychological and interpersonal development on their own.

Onboarding and Ongoing Learning

How can microlearning be used for your training needs? While training needs vary by company, one thing all companies have in common – they want a team with winning skills. Standard MicroLearning can help you reach those goals with soft skills and behavioral training, compliance training, and professional skills training. Soft skills, and emotional and behavioral intelligence are the hard stuff, but together, we can build better character and a more competent and effective workforce.

Standard MicroLearning Packages

Courses can be purchased individually, or all courses are available with a monthly subscription based on volume. Contact us at 904-379-8094 regarding volume pricing.